The American Revolutionary War
1775 - 1781

 The American Revolutionary War was fought because the colonists, who had moved here from England, wanted their freedom from English (British) rule. During this time, Mount Laurel was known as Evesham. It became important because of its height (100 feet) and location.

"Penny Hill " or Mount Pray

Top of Penny Hill

 On June 19, 1778 three brigades (600-900 men) of the British Army, under the command of General Sir Henry Clinton and Lt. General Cornwallis, camped at the base of the mount, which they called "Penny Hill" because it was so small.
British soldiers climbed trees on the mount to get a better view of the location of General George Washington's Continental Army.
The British camped at the base of the mount and also inside and on the grounds of the Friends' Meeting House.

 The British soldiers dressed in bright red uniforms and were called "Lobster Backs" by the soldiers in General George Washington's Army.

"Lobster Backs"

Friends Meeting House

 The British camped at the base of the mount and also inside and on the grounds of the Friends Meeting House.
This sign, at the door of the Meeting House, tells about the British setting up their camp.

Meeting House sign

General Clinton's Headquarters

 General Clinton and his staff stayed over night at this house on Hainesport-Mount Laurel Road. At the time, this was a tavern. The British used this tavern as their headquarters and as a hospital for wounded soldiers.
 The well-equipped British Army stayed in this area until they were forced to leave when General Washington's army began to march toward the mount.
 General George Washington was the commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. This war was fought by the colonists to gain freedom from English rule.
 Some members of the Continental Army were provided with uniforms and weapons. Others wore whatever was available and used their own weapons. Many of the soldiers wore slogans or patches on their clothing to tell of their loyalty. This soldier's slogan says "Liberty or Death."

Continental Uniform

 General George Washington traveled with his colonial forces to a point where they were close to Clinton's Army as they camped at the mount. The British Army began to march away from the Colonial Army. General Washington forced the British Army to march for three days toward Red Bank, New Jersey where the Battle of Monmouth took place. Had General Washington attacked Clinton immediately, perhaps the battle would have been called the "Battle of Evesham."


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