Mount Laurel's Historic Places

 Many buildings, built in the 1700's and 1800's, can be seen in Mount Laurel Township. Some of them are homes in which families live. Other older buildings have been restored and are used in many different ways. Here is information about a few of them:

  The Farmer's Hall was built in 1866 as a meeting place for local farmers. In 1904, it became the town hall and the police station of Mount Laurel. It is now an historic site.

Farmer's Hall

The Darnell Homestead - Paws Farm


The original Darnell House, on Hainesport-Mount Laurel Road, was built in the 1700's. It became the PAWS Farm and Nature Center in 1980.

 This home was a storehouse for the General Store and for the Post Office in Mount Laurel.

General Store and Post Office

Now Cucina Carini

 In 1995, it was remodeled and is now the Cucina Carini Restaurant.
The Lippincott House, on Hainesport-Mount Laurel Road, was where Mount Laurel's first post office and general store were located. The stagecoach line from Philadelphia stopped here. It is now a private home.

The Lippincott House

Evans-Hallet House


The Evans-Hallet House was built in the 1700's. It is now owned by Mrs. Hallet and used as the Pleasant Valley Nursery School.


Learn more about Alice Paul and Paulsdale.

Alice Paul

Paulsdale is a farmhouse on Hooton Road in Mount Laurel where Alice Paul was born. Alice Paul was a famous American woman who believed that men and women were equal. She organized groups throughout the United States to work for women's rights. One of the important rights she helped fight for was the right for women to vote. Paulsdale will become a center for leadership training for women and girls.

"Sunnyside," on Hooton Road, was built in 1838. At that time, people said it was the "finest house in the neighborhood."


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