administrative offices - places where decisions are made about how to run the school district

This building is now used for the school district's administrative offices.


attendance - persons who are present

There were 90 children signed up for school but the average attendance was only 42 because children were needed to work in the fields.



birchbark - the outer layer of the birch tree

They made birchbark canoes, usually started from a frame and then covered with bark from the birch tree.


brigade - a large group of soldiers, usually between 600 and 900 people

On June 19, 1778 three brigades (600-900 men) of the British Army, under the command of General Sir Henry Clinton and Lt. General Cornwallis, camped at the base of the mount.


British - the people of England

The British made a map of the mount, which they called "Penny Hill" because it was so small.

buggy - a small carriage with a single seat, usually pulled by one horse

People traveled by foot, horse, wagon, buggy and stagecoach.


Burlington County - the largest of the 21 counties of New Jersey, Mount Laurel is a town in Burlington County

He was the son of former slaves who traveled throughout Burlington County helping people who were sick.


butchering - cutting up meat to prepare it for cooking

They were in charge of butchering, skinning and getting the animals they had killed ready for cooking.




citizen - a person who lives in a town, city, state or country

A town council of 5 people is elected by the citizens of Mount Laurel.


colonial - the army that was led by George Washington

General George Washington traveled with his colonial forces to a point where they were close to Clinton's Army as they camped at the mount.


commander - an officer in charge of an army

General George Washington was the commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.


council - a group of people chosen to make decisions for a town

The type of government that has been formed in Mount Laurel is the Council-Manager Plan.


cure - a medicine or treatment for making a person healthy

People from Philadelphia and from other parts of New Jersey began to learn of Still's cures.




dredge - to enlarge or clean out a creek or river

Later on, the Rancocas was dredged out so that larger boats could travel in its waters.


dugout - a canoe or boat hollowed out of a tree

The Rancocas Creek was used for transportation by the Indians who traveled in birchbark or dugout canoes.



expel - to force out of membership

The Quakers decided to expel all members who refused to free their slaves.



fare - money paid for transportation

The fare was 50 cents.


former - in the past

He was the son of former slaves who traveled throughout Burlington County helping people who were sick.


freight - goods that are transported

The Camden-Burlington Railroad Line was running through the village of Masonville by 1863 where there was a small passenger and freight station.



headquarters - the main office where decisions are made

The British used this tavern as their headquarters and as a hospital for wounded soldiers.


height - the highest part of anything

It became important because of its height (100 feet) and location.

herb - any plant used as a medicine or seasoning

He had no real training in medical school but he was able to make medicines using herbs and plants.



Lenni Lenape Indians - Native Americans who settled in the northeastern woodlands

The first people to live in the Mount Laurel area were the Lenni Lenape Indians.


location - the place where something is found

It became important because of its height (100 feet) and location.



maintenance department - the place where equipment for keeping the school buildings in good shape is found

School #2 was built in the area known as Masonville and is now used as the Maintenance Department for the Mount Laurel Township Schools.


manager - the person in charge of making sure the Mount Laurel township's departments run smoothly

The council also chooses a township manager.


mayor - the person who has been chosen by the council of Mount Laurel to be the town's leader

The council picks one of the five people to be the mayor.



original - the first or the earliest

The word Lenape (len-ah-pee) means "original people".

outlawed - became illegal

In 1846 the state of New Jersey outlawed slavery.



Rancocas Creek - a body of water that runs through Mount Laurel

The Rancocas Creek was important to the Lenapes.


religion - a system of belief or worship

They were Quakers who had to leave their country because they were not allowed to practice their religion.


residents - people who live or work in a place

That means that Mount Laurel residents would take up more than half of the seats in Lincoln Financial Field, where the Eagles play.


restored - fixed, made to look like new again

Other older buildings have been restored and are used in many different ways.



scow - a flat bottomed boat

After a while, the canoe was replaced by a scow or flat-bottomed boat.


slavetraders - people who captured and traded African-American people during the time slavery was legal

There is a story told about slavetraders, who kidnapped a family of African-American people and hid them near the mount.


slogans - words used to catch the attention of the reader

Many of the soldiers wore slogans or patches on their clothing to tell of their loyalty.


stagecoach - a horse-drawn vehicle that carried passengers, parcels and mail

People traveled by foot, horse, wagon, buggy and stagecoach.


steamboat - a boat that is powered by steam for use on inland waterways

In 1824, the steamboat "Lafayette" was used to carry goods and passengers between Mount Holly and Philadelphia.


stock market - a place where people can buy and sell parts of a company

Signals were sent New York to Philadelphia about stock market information.



tavern - an inn where people can get food, drinks and rooms for the night

At the time, this was a tavern.



uniforms - the clothing worn by members of a certain group

Some members of the Continental Army were provided with uniforms and weapons.



Wales - a country that is part of the United Kingdom, many Quakers who settled in America came from Wales

In 1682, William and Jean Evans came to Burlington from Wales.


wampum - strings of small beads made from shells and used by Native Americans as money

The Lenape used beads and shells for decorations and wampum.


weapons - something used to injure or kill

Some members of the Continental Army were provided with uniforms and weapons.


wigwams - a dome-shaped frame covered with bark and animal hides used as homes by the eastern woodlands Indians

The Lenape Indians lived in bark houses called wigwams.


worship - to pray, to attend religious services

The Friends' Meeting House was were the Quakers gathered for worship.


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