Education in Mount Laurel
1850 - Present

  In 1850, a school was built by the Friends for their children. It became the first public school in 1869. There were 90 children signed up for school but the average attendance was only 42 because children were needed to work in the fields.

The 1st school in Mount Laurel. Located on Hainesport-Mount Laurel Road

Laurel on the mount

  Mount Laurel was named by a teacher who taught in the first public school. Her name was Hannah Gillingham. She named the town Mount Laurel because of the thick growth of laurel found on the slopes of the mount.

  1872, Mount Laurel was known as Lower Evesham. It decided to separate from Evesham but kept several of the schools. School #1 was built in 1882 near Colemantown. School #2 was built in the area known as Masonville and is now used as the maintenance department for the Mount Laurel Township Schools.

School #2 - Masonville

School #3 - on Moorestown-Mount Laurel Road

  School #3 had grades 1-6 and was called "the colored school." The reason it had this name was because African-American children were not allowed in schools where white children were taught during this time in Mount Laurel's history. This school is now the Senior Citizen's Hall.
 In 1919 a new school #1 was built to replace the Colemantown School which had burned down. This school is now named the Hattie Britt Administration Building in honor of a teacher who had begun her teaching career in 1925 in school #3. Miss Britt had taught in the district for 50 years. This building is now used for the school district's administrative offices.

Hattie Britt

 Through the years, the Mount Laurel School District has changed with the times. All children are now able to receive the same education. By 2001, the system had grown to six elementary schools, one upper elementary and one middle school.

Hillside School, 1955,
Hainesport-Mount Laurel Road

Fleetwood School, 1963,
Fleetwood Avenue

Parkway School, 1968,
Ramblewood Parkway

Countryside School, 1971,
Schoolhouse Lane

Larchmont School, 1990,
Larchmont Boulevard

Springville School, 2001,
Hartford Road

Hartford Upper Elementary School, 1995,
Hartford Road

Thomas E. Harrington Middle School, 1969,
Moorestown-Mount Laurel Road

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